Work examples for FTSE 250 Healthcare Media Company

Examples of web, email and advert banner designs completed for FTSE250 media company Informa Healthcare in 2007 - 2009

Work examples for FTSE 250 Healthcare Media...

Making healthcare information clean, crisp and concise.

I joined Informa Healthcare in 2007 and I immediately saw great potential for helping the company move forward in the way it represents itself digitally. At the time, the Apple iPod was the biggest selling product and Apple were making us all re-think design and aesthetics, as well as product ethos and understanding.

I used the influences I had from media to try and sew seeds of visual cleanliness and clarity, to try and help promote Informa products in a clean, crisp, concise and clinical manner. When you think of healthcare, you should be thinking along these lines. I wanted to reflect that in the visual style of the company.

Below are a few work examples from the time, mirroring the popular ‘cover flow’ design from apple and other clean templates I had seen from the likes of HP and Sony.

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