T-Shirt Design for DHC during Clerkenwell Design Week

T-Shirt Design for DHC during Clerkenwell...

In an effort to move away from the blue suit, brown shoes and fade haircut brigade, I wanted our staff to all wear an ‘Apple Store’ style uniform (a simple t-shirt) during Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 in London.

The aim was to:

1. Unify our team and create a bond between staff.
2. Allow our staff to appear as ‘gurus’ or ‘experts’ in their field and to assert a ‘here to help’ attitude and appearance towards customers.
3. To appear more trendy, formal and relaxed, putting people coming in to our showroom at ease.
4. To piggy back on to the CDW brand a little and harness the power of their logo to appear as official partners.
5. To offer the uniform to our fellow DHC brands and to create s subconscious link between all brands at the DHC showroom for both staff and customers.

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