Launching Whitby to the World

Launching Whitby to the World

1. The logo

Tasked with re-launching Whitby to the world, I set about researching the town and the surrounding area, learning about the history of Whitby, including its whaling industry and ‘yards’, its ties with the HMS Endeavour and Captain Cook, along with its darker folk-laws and association with Bram Stoker’s novel ‘Dracula’.

Initially, my first inclination was to put a literal ‘business hat’ on and look for ways to tie the logo with the very successful ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’ national campaign that ran TV adverts all over the UK recently, piggy-backing on the font and style of the campaign to try and force a trusted and well-known visual approach.

My research took me to the town’s football club for inspiration, and so I began to redesign their club crest instead:

Taking this approach and spending more time researching Whitby allowed both my logo design and email design to become re-enforced in their direction.

The final logo can be seen below, the black backdrop square represents the Whitby ‘Jet’ gemstone and denotes a dark, sinister, scary background to the town, the red is a blatant link to blood and the blood-red that represents Dracula, yet the logo is offset against an 80’s pop-art-style English riviera feel, with the coiled serpent representing the sun in a slightly devilish way and the waves adding a seaside feel that is unmistakeable. The ‘Whitby‘ font is slightly carefree, very 80’s, yet I could see it standing alone with further adaptation and against different colour schemes to give Whitby a possible typographical identity that is classical yet just about contemporary enough to appeal to all ages.

2. The football club

Part of my research led me to the Whitby Town FC website and an attempt at redesigning both their club crest and their strip. The world cup is on at the moment, so I thought I would give it a go.

And some strips I designed:

I loved doing this, it took me back to my childhood, designing football strips for England and Leeds United, there will be more to come of this!

Once I had finished playing, I created the email template below.

Featuring the Whitby logo I designed above multicoloured beach huts that the town is also famous for, I purposefully left a ‘feature’ area at the top right of the email, which is intended to be something that changes each week/month when the email gets circulated. The idea here is to 1. Get above the fold or at least make an effort to get the key message seen on whatever device is being used at the time to view the email and 2. To promote the biggest event that week/month/quarter/year to attract tourists to visit Whitby. Events and history are key to any successful tourist destination, with tourism in Yorkshire increasing by 14% to become an industry worth an estimated £8bn since the Tour de Yorkshire was started. Therefore, my email campaign is a very event-focused affair, continuing on to fully promote the return of the Tour de Yorkshire to Whitby, the HMS Endeavour tour and the Dracula experience tours that run all year.

Worried the email had taken a dark turn, I tried to quickly finish on a lighter note, this is something that would need to be worked on and developed further to try and appeal to all ages and tastes. Promotion of the nearby resort of Scarborough and the Flamingo Land theme park just 30-40 minutes drive away would be high on my list to add to this email, attempting to promote areas that are within touching distance of Whitby.

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