Video presentation

A video presentation completed for a large national UK refrigeration company.

Video presentation

Around May 2012 I was given two video files. One was a low quality face-to-face video of a voice actor talking about the company in question, the other was a higher resolution flick, showing the voice actor visiting the company premises. Nothing was in order, nothing really made sense.

As all I had was a Mac at that time, the best/most obvious choice for the job was Final Cut Pro. So I started importing the videos and got chopping. However, the Mac I had at the time wasn’t coping too well with Final Cut Pro, the videos didnt have any particular sense or order to them either. There was no ‘story’. So I reverted to Quicktime 7. I painstakingly cut and trimmed both videos in to small segments of audio and video. I then named every file so I could remember what was being said or done.

Creating a story

By now, I had a lot of content, but no story. I started to think about what the company wanted to say and how it could correspond with the expensive video footage of the actor they had hired. I started to write down a flow of audio files first, piecing together audio that was linked, like a jigsaw, finding the straight edges as a guide and building from there.

Once I had a story in place, I began to import them to Final Cut Pro bit by bit. Playing with larger pieces of video footage layered underneath the audio. It was starting to come together nicely


At this point, I began to realise I needed transitions or breaks between not just the audio, but the video footage as well. After some searching, I found ‘Motion’, which offered the perfect solution. Tweens and transitions, plus lots of other useful effects.

Once I had the video segments and audio in place, following a story, I then began to introduce the Motion transitions and effects. Fine tuning parts and re-cutting/re-editing sections as needed to create the final piece.


This isnt the best video ever created, but it took a lot of time and effort and I am proud of the results, especially considering the state of the content I had to work with at the beginning.


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